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How to get verified on Instagram using a good PR strategy – a step by step guide to get the blue verified badge on IG

Getting verified on Instagram is often a fantastic marketing and branding strategy to take your business to the next level; especially if you are in a highly competing industry, having that shiny little blue badge on your IG account will make all the difference. But, the big question is how?
Instagram verification service

People often confused with the requirements and you might have these questions.

How to get my Instagram account verified if I’m a beginner?

Is there a minimum number of followers in order to get there?

What are the basic requirements for that blue check?

I’m a blogger/influencer/entrepreneur or freelancer, am I still eligible?

I have seen many people with that that fancy blue verification badge, how do they do that?

Well, to be honest – the only requirement to for Instagram to verify your account is YOU MUST BE NOTABLE.

So what’s notability? Meaning you have enough, solid, authentic presence online – basically, there must be dozens of articles about you on prominent news platforms for you to become that notable.

There’s no minimum number of followers required, but 10k followers is a good mark. You must be posting good, quality content as well on the platform. Your profile/account must be public (you sure can change it to private after verified), your account should have a clear profile picture and it must be real (you will need to provide an identification document at the time of verification) – basically these are the requirements.

But the one thing that strikes here is NOTABILITY. If you are notable enough, online; you would be verified; that’s how all the celebrities, influencers, and whoever you see there with the blue tick, get that.

Once you apply for the verification process; facebook team will be searching for your name online to check your notability; they will check on Google or another search engine; and then also on Google News. That’s how they come to the conclusion that you are worthy of verification.

People from any industry; musicians, entrepreneurs, celebrities, fitness experts, business owners; public figures, politicians etc can sure get verified; as long as there is enough press about you out there.

The reason why news presence matters is, if a person is worth getting verified; Instagram assumes that there must be plenty of news articles and media coverage about the person out there. That’s accurate isn’t it? Any or all of these verified personalities sure have plenty of press under their name that organically happened.

So notability is something organically happening right? Yes, that’s why they look for that; but to our benefit we can use the same strategy in reverse engineering to get verified.

So what news platforms can take you there?

To our clients, the PR strategy that has always worked is like placements (articles, profiles, news or interviews) on at least 2 to 3 top tier platforms like the Entrepreneur Magazine, Forbes or in a big news network and placements on at least 5 to 6 mid tier platforms like Yahoo, New York Age, Startup Fortune and so on and the same amount of news/article placements on other blogs, news networks and other media platforms.

If you have been in your industry for a while, you must have some amount of articles and media exposure that you’ve received already, organically. List those down and see where you are at now; or do a google search for your name and find out the amount of online presence you have at the moment.

You would need to appear on more than a dozen platforms; before you could apply for verification.

So how to finally apply for verification?

There are two ways; it’s always best to apply within the app once you think you’ve got enough press in your name; do a search on Google and Google news and make sure you are good to go.

But in our experience, this way of applying rarely works; it works if you are really established in your niche and have strong media presence, especially if you’re genuinely a public figure this will work. Still it’s worth a try because if you get lucky, you’d save some funds which will be needed for the second way.

That’s where the second way of applying comes in; you can hire a Media Partner and apply for verification through their platform, this would cost from $7k and takes about a week to get a response; verification isn’t always guaranteed with this strategy; but it’s 100% sure that your chances would be high and you would only need to pay if you’re getting verified. So.

Feel free to reach out to us if you have questions; we would be able to help with your press requirements, or to apply for verification or even to get a minimum number of fan following to your facebook, instagram profiles.

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