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So, how does this service work?

How to publish a press release

Our publishing and distribution service is simple as A, B, C. First you select the package you think suits your needs >> Place the order >> Send us the content to publish >> We start the publishing process >> Send you published links once completed.

The whole process takes less than 72 hours.

What if we don’t have the content ready? Do we have to write?

No. If you don’t have the content ready, you can add our content writing service for $30, HERE, you can add this at the time of placing your order or after.

Please note that content creation will take an additional 24 hours. Once the content is ready, we will send to you for review; once you’ve reviewed and approved the content, the publishing starts.

Can we use these packages for personal branding and to build online reputation?

Definitely. We can also customise the content in a way to brand you personally and get it published on the platforms in the package you order.

Which network will be publishing our content?

That entirely depends on the package you choose. For example, if you are choosing the Yahoo Package, your news will be published on Yahoo News, Yahoo Finance, Digital Journal, Benzinga, MarketWatch and a few other platforms. Your news will also be shown on Google News.

The basic $199 package will post your content to ABC, CBS, NBC and Fox’s affiliate news networks, both local and national.

More details about platforms and pricing can be found HERE.

Is publishing guaranteed? Or do you simply submit the content to these networks?

Publishing is 100% guaranteed. We will send you the list of published links, within 48 to 72 hours once you’ve placed your order.

Will the published content be deleted? Are these placements permanent?

It depends on the websites, most of the platforms like Yahoo keep the articles forever. But some sites may decide to delete the content after a period of time like a year or so. Websites mostly delete the pages when they find some irregularities or issues with the content submitted. So as long as the content is legit, you don’t need to worry about it.