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Focusing on Smart+ AI Now at 2024 COMPUTEX

A VPN is an essential component of IT security, whether you’re just starting a business or are already up and running. Most business interactions and transactions happen online and VPN

In the Inaugural Year of BenQ Group’s Combat Power Integration, Customers Are Fully Assisted in Connecting to Next-generation AI.

BenQ Group, with “Smart+ AI Now” as its primary axis, empowers respective industries through AI technology as the 2024 COMPUTEX debuts. This will expedite the integration and innovation of field application systems, thereby showcasing AI smart solutions in seven sectors: AI Smart Restaurant, Smart Enterprise, Smart Education, Smart Entertainment, Smart Transportation, Smart Manufacturing, and Smart Networking& Comms. Additionally, over 20 AI application workshops have been conducted to provide clients with comprehensive support in connecting to the next generation of AI applications.

“Computer power, algorithms, and data are the keys to the successful grounding of AI innovative applications, and there are a limited number of integrated solution providers in the market. Members of the BenQ Group have demonstrated AI combat power in seven smart fields by accumulating technological momentum in various fields. This year marks the beginning of integration, wherein we work together with clients to understand market demands and pain points in order to connect them to the next generation of AI applications,” said BenQ Group Chairman Peter Chen.

The BenQ Group will showcase numerous spectacular plans at the 2024 COMPUTEX, which are as follows:

AI Empowering the Catering & Retail Industries: Enhancing Business Competitiveness

Partner Tech and WiXtar have launched the world only 3-in-1 AI self-ordering Kiosk and an AI-powered automated restaurant. With features such as AI Persona Marketing Recommendations, AI Multilingual Menus, and AI Voice Recognition Ordering, integrated with AI-powered food delivery services, these solutions bring AI applications to life, empowering enterprises with store automation solutions, assisting in digital transformation and overcoming the difficulties of labor shortage.

MetaGuru’s “AI Smart Hotel Solution” is a comprehensive housekeeping system that is multilingual and intended for the hotel industry. It is the first of its kind to be introduced to the world. AI, big data, RPA, and other technologies can be employed to establish a complete connection between the front and backends. Operators’ green transformation is indirectly encouraged while addressing the structural shortage issue.

DSIGroup’s potential customer identification system, ConPer Eagle, employs artificial intelligence (AI) to analyze customer images in real time, thereby identifying sales targets and providing sales personnel with the most effective communication strategies. This, in turn, enhances the success rates of precision marketing and cross-selling. ConPer Eagle is also appropriate for retail establishments that lack sales personnel, thereby achieving the objective of “smart guided shopping.”

Realizing sustainable education through smart technology by integrating AI BenQ board and software platforms
BenQ showcases an educational innovation solution with the theme “Teach Your Way.” It includes a BenQ board with AI technology and EDLA certification, and students’ learning power is enhanced by constantly innovating technology, which opens up new possibilities in the educational environment.

AI facilitates the sustainable development of enterprises by guiding them through digital transformation
MetaAge, the ideal partner for IT intelligentization, is dedicated to the promotion of ESG smart solutions and two-effect-in-one digital transformation. Microsoft’s Azure AI technology will be the foundation for the introduction of AI/data integrated application items at Computex in 2024. These items encompass a variety of application scenes, such as enterprises’ KMS AI platforms, AI customer service, AI meeting voice record generation, and AI virtual anchors.

In order to gain insight into their demand, the Google Cloud certified Premier Partner – Epic Cloud locks onto business information. The “Bizinfo business information AI platform,” which was created using Google Cloud and AI technology, will be introduced for the first time. To develop more effective business expansion and sales strategies, one-stop core information on TWSE/TPEx listed companies will be obtained.

Any enterprise-grade AI solution must be able to deliver enterprise-specific content and handle complex workflows while operating in a secure environment. D8ai’s AI in the Box™ provides a private-cloud server bundled with built-in customizable AI solutions. These solutions include large language models, a RAG chatbot, a chatbot builder, and a no-code Service Flow Platform designed for building AI agents, which are chatbots that handle enterprise workflows such as process automation, robotics, and IoT applications.

Grandsys is dedicated to “creating an excellent customer experience through technology.” The “smart customer experience platform” will be demonstrated. Grandsys and Genesys communication platforms, combined with Google AI technology, will integrate telephone, website, social networking, and other communication channels to address the issue of contact channel fragmentation and inconsistent customer experiences. The “smart quality testing” is used to assess voice business quality in accordance with stringent AI management regulations, assisting enterprises in perfecting corporate governance.

The “Secretary Kim” anti-fraud financial technology application-based AI due diligence survey solution, which is offered by High Performance Information, will be showcased. This solution is designed to significantly reduce the manual review time of bank clients before, during, and after they obtain a loan. This will shorten the operation period from 30 days to three days. The digital credit investigation is rigorous, which not only expedites the process but also effectively mitigates risks and costs.

DATA IMAGE, a leader in outdoor display manufacturing, proudly announces the launch of its latest innovation. Utilizing Qisda group’s resources, DATA IMAGE has combined outdoor displays with smart technology, featuring advanced voiceprint recognition and noise reduction technology. This system ensures exceptional sound quality even in outdoor environments.

The newest iteration of DATA IMAGE’s smart instrument sets a new standard in the industry. Featuring the most sophisticated safety-assisted instrument unit, it significantly enhances the capabilities and performance of these systems.

DFI, which is dedicated to accelerating IT and OT integration, has collaborated with Intel to develop the “AI smart energy-saving charging pile concept machine.” With built-in large language model (LLM) and workload consolidation technology, it uses shared CPU resources to implement AI computing and distribute it across multiple operating systems in a virtual environment. Targeting devices, real-time control commands are issued to implement multiple ESG indicators while increasing energy efficiency. This will enable the realization of unmanned application requirements in smart transformation and other vertical fields.

AI is a key driver in the Industrial 4.0 Smart Transformation.
ACE PILLAR, an expert in green energy and automation solution integration services, is dedicated to the automation industry. This time, it and AI Cobot collaborate to create smart production lines that combine AOI and AI, demonstrating TM AI Cobot’s defect detection application plans. This accurately detects and eliminates high-complexity workpiece defects, improves product quality and production efficiency, and overcomes the problem of solving “small quantity and high variety” issues using traditional testing methods by leveraging AI self-learning capabilities.

APLEX Technology strengthens data forecast function and complex defect testing technology, improves production line intelligentization and energy consumption, and offers data-type AI and image-type AI in its SiER Series, AILS Series, and AI SaaS products. Furthermore, Aplex Technology’s products have a guided standard operating procedure (SOP) teaching function that can expedite the integration of AI forecasts and data extraction, reducing the time required for client development.

PowerWalker, a German energy management company, will showcase its latest uninterrupted power systems solutions at Computex, including the VFI TAP PF1 3/3 and VFI LICR IoT. The goal is to create a design that conserves space while providing more power, increased safety, and more dependable power backup. The latter can be smartly monitored via cloud transmission, greatly assisting in AI and IoT development and benefiting both domestic and international industries.

Safeguarding Cybersecurity with High-Performance Networking and AI Information Security Applications
At Computex, AEWIN Technologies will showcase AI and high-performance computing (HPC) servers, two-phase immersion cooling solutions, general-purpose servers, network applications, and other products under the theme “AI-driven cybersecurity.” They offer a dependable and high-performance smart edge hardware solution for smart data security networking and artificial intelligence of things (AIoT). In particular, the next generation of two-phase immersion cooling solutions combines multiple technology patents to provide high-performance and long-term solutions for edge smart applications.

Alpha Networks, a major networking company, has introduced 5G micro radio unit products in response to a drastic increase in demand for high-speed mobile connectivity. These miniature micro radio transmitters and receivers can be placed on buildings, street lights, billboards, and other urban infrastructure. Simultaneously, network control can be implemented to guarantee the stability and dependability of the internet. Industrial manufacturing, internet applications, agriculture, and smart cities are among the application sites.

Hitron Technologies will showcase its self-developed cloud network operation, maintenance, and management platform, HitronCloud, which will offer comprehensive network management solutions. HitronCloud provides customers with insights into Wi-Fi and access networks, enabling telecommunications customers to make informed network maintenance and operation decisions.

Incorporating technology into entertainment, work, and living creates a new chapter in immersive experiences
BenQ has introduced the “smart entertainment-immersive gaming experience” to provide customers with an unparalleled level of gaming pleasure. The gaming projector creates a fantastic, immersive, big-screen gaming experience. The gaming TV offers the Game Zone game shortcut feature. With a single click, one can quickly turn on the game console (such as the PS5), switch signals, and apply scenarios. For professionals and game enthusiasts, the USB-C docking station series offers the best expansion solution serving both work and entertainment needs, fulfilling dual work and play needs.

Action Star Technology has introduced the first sanitizing monitor light bar. Designed to address the hygienic challenges of collaborative workspaces, this UV-free light bar uses a patented blend of frequencies in the visible spectrum to achieve continuous sanitization that is safe for humans, animals, and materials. It can reduce allergens and odors, and is effective against viruses, molds, spores and fungi. Combined with new docking stations that facilitate quick access to power, monitors, networks and other office resources via a single-cable connection (USB-C or Thunderbolt™), hot desking and hoteling has never been more seamless or safer.

BenQ Group companies taking part in the 2024 COMPUTEX Taipei:
BenQ, Qisda, ACE PILLAR, Action Star Technology, AEWIN Technologies, Alpha Networks, APLEX Technology, DATA IMAGE, DFI, DSIGroup, D8ai, Epic Cloud, Grandsys, Hitron Technologies, High Performance Information, MetaAge, MetaGuru, Partner Tech, PowerWalker, and Wixtar.

2024 BenQ Group COMPUTEX Cloud News Section:

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