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F-Gas Regulation set to tighten: FRIGA-BOHN can ease the transition.

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F-Gas Regulation set to tighten: FRIGA-BOHN can ease the transition.

Leading refrigeration equipment manufacturer FRIGA-BOHN is looking to help the European Food Refrigeration sector as industry moves towards an even steeper phase-out of HFC refrigerants. Based on a long history of innovation, FRIGA-BOHN today offers a broad product range compatible with an extensive list of low-GWP refrigerants. The company’s proactive participation in the refrigeration industry’s transition and the increasing availability of CO2 and A2L solutions means FRIGA-BOHN can support the food refrigeration market through the provision of multiple future-proof options.

In October 2023, EU Council and Parliament negotiators reached a provisional political agreement on phasing down substances that cause global warming and deplete the ozone layer. While existing EU legislation already limits the use of F-gases, the new rules will further reduce their emission into the atmosphere.

According to the provisional agreement, the consumption of HFCs will see a complete phase-out by 2050, while the production of HFCs, in terms of production rights allocated by the Commission, will phase down to a minimum 15% by 2036. Both production and consumption will phase down based on a tight schedule of decreasing quota allocation.

Realising the urgency, purchasing managers and maintenance managers at food refrigeration supply chains across Europe, will be keen to future-proof any investments in commercial and industrial refrigeration solutions. FRIGA-BOHN, which today focuses its product development on natural refrigerants, wants to help contractors and food retailers simplify any transition projects, via its wide portfolio of low-GWP options and choices.

CO2, for example, is far more eco-friendly and energy efficient than HFCs. Its GWP of 1 helps protect the environment, while its excellent thermodynamic properties reduce energy consumption. CO2 is also a very affordable refrigerant. And as complexity of systems have decreased with the entrance of booster systems and the number of CO2 installations has increased, currently costs approach the cost of the reference systems using HFCs.

FRIGA-BOHN has recently launched a number of cutting-edge products that can take advantage of CO2 refrigerant, including the innovative GC V-King gas cooler with ‘v-shaped’ coil and the GC Neostar ‘flat shape’ gas cooler. Also now available are NK series industrial evaporators and the CO2LD trans-critical booster rack.

FRIGA-BOHN range of commercial coolers are designed to work with multi-refrigerants.
A2L refrigerants are also appealing because their constituent technology is similar to HFCs but with far lower GWP properties. The standard FRIGA-BOHN unit coolers are fully compatible with A2L refrigerants such as R1234yf, R454C and R455C as well as A1 HFCs. A single unit can therefore meet present and future requirements, reducing inventory for wholesalers.

In addition its A2L commercial coolers the company start manufacturing its DUO CU A2L condensing units.
All of these strategic moves and innovative product solutions reinforce FRIGA-BOHN’s commitment to advancing sustainable refrigeration technologies and giving choice to its customers to apply the correct technology.

With a product range spanning from 0.2kW evaporators to 2.2MW dry coolers, FRIGA-BOHN is in a position to offer a complete solution and its progressive approach not only prepares the market for existing industry requirements, but also for the forthcoming transitionary period. Moving forward, the company remains committed to driving positive change and addressing the challenges faced by different stakeholders in the commercial refrigeration sector through its development of innovative and environmentally responsible solutions.


V-King gas cooler with ‘v-shaped’ coil

NeoStar “flat-shaped” gas cooler

CO2LD trans-critical booster rack

NK series industrial evaporator

DUO CU A2L encased outdoor condensing units


About Friga-Bohn Friga-Bohn is a leading manufacturer of total solution provider in commercial and industrial refrigeration equipment, offering a wide range of products including commercial and industrial evaporators, condensing units, condensers, split units, gas coolers and compressor racks. Through commercial presence in 46 countries in Europe and the Middle East and Africa, Friga-Bohn has a heart for developing, manufacturing, and selling state-of-the-art solutions for commercial and food services applications. We are actively taking part in the refrigeration transition by offering CO2 and A2L solutions.

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