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Emerson to showcase Floor to Cloud™packaging solutions at PACK EXPO 2023 (Booth SL-6107)

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Global technology, software and engineering leader Emerson will exhibit its Floor to CloudTM packaging solutions at PACK EXPO Las Vegas, September 11-13, 2023. As the future of automation, Floor to Cloud solutions empower smarter packaging lines and more efficient processes that make it possible for manufacturers to continuously improve plant productivity, sustainability and safety.

Visitors to South Lower Hall, Booth 6107, can view highlights from the comprehensive Floor to Cloud portfolio, which includes AVENTICSTM, BransonTM, MoviconTM, PACEdge and PACSystemsTM solutions. Packaging automation experts will demonstrate how a Floor to Cloud approach unlocks trapped data and connects islands of automation, giving manufacturers the visibility and control to solve critical challenges and ambitious goals. Attendees will learn how to improve overall equipment effectiveness (OEE), increase energy efficiency while reducing waste, and create safer operations and digital record keeping.

Emerson will also be highlighted as an industry expert in the new Sustainability Central presented by PMMI and curated by Fuseneo. Located in North Hall (Booth N-9455), Sustainability Central is an interactive experience that demonstrates how manufacturers can achieve packaging sustainability.

Presentation and event highlights:
In addition to showcasing its advanced Floor to Cloud packaging automation solutions, Emerson will also sponsor two events, the annual Packaging & Processing Women’s Leadership Network (PPWLN) breakfast and the Amazing Packaging Race.

All women who are registered for PACK EXPO Las Vegas are invited to the free PPWLN breakfast and program on Tuesday, September 12, at 7:30 a.m. in Room N-247. Following the breakfast, attendees will have the opportunity for a private show floor tour and participate in a Q&A with Lisa Propati, Vice President and General Manager of Weiler Labeling Systems, as well as other packaging executives.

As part of the Amazing Packaging Race, teams from U.S. colleges, trade schools and universities race to complete tasks and solve problems at booths across the PACK EXPO Las Vegas show floor.

Product highlights:
AVENTICS Series Advanced Electronic System (AES) With Integrated OPC UA

The award-winning AVENTICS Series Advanced Valve (AV) system with Advanced Electronic System (AES) is the first pneumatic valve system with an integrated Open Platform Communications Unified Architecture (OPC UA). The AES helps interoperability challenges and accesses data more easily, while the digital twin integration improves productivity efficiency and reduces costs. In 2022, the AVENTICS Series AV system with Advanced AES won an Endeavor IDEA! Award, earned silver in the LEAP Awards and was named a finalist for the NED Innovation Awards.

For more information, visit:

AVENTICS Series AF2 Flow Sensor
AVENTICS Series AF2 Flow Sensors have helped plants around the world successfully reduce compressed air consumption and improve energy efficiency. By monitoring air consumption in pneumatic systems, AF2 sensors enable rapid intervention if leaks occur, helping optimize energy consumption, reach net-zero targets, prevent machine downtime and reduce costs. Emerson now offers a high-flow model of this advanced sensor that propels compressed air monitoring beyond individual machines to benefit larger air lines and systems. This expanded capability allows users to easily optimize energy consumption across an entire packaging facility and improve overall plant sustainability.

For more information, visit:

Multimedia Monitoring Solution
The multimedia monitoring solutions, including CoreTigo wireless communication, analyze water, compressed air, gases, electricity, steam (WAGES) and other utilities. The Edge Analytics Dashboard measures efficiency, optimizes productivity and avoids or reduces downtime. Emerson experts will demonstrate the multimedia monitoring cabinet solution and the insights it offers, which will support meeting sustainability goals.

For more information, visit:

Movicon.NExT™ HMI/SCADA is a highly modular, highly scalable platform that goes beyond SCADA to solve automation problems for both CPGs and original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), from the single machine level to a complete plantwide IIoT project implementation. Among Movicon.NExT modules, Movicon Pro.Lean™ provides performance data and analytics for evaluations of overall equipment effectiveness (OEE) and Movicon Pro.Energy™ measures and tracks consumption, while the advanced Movicon NExT.AR solves operational problems through visualization tools that allow personnel to evaluate previously unreachable equipment. For maximum flexibility, Emerson also provides Movicon WebHMI, an HTML5-based visualization tool that can be used as a stand-alone HMI product running on Windows or Linux operator panels, or as a Web Client for Movicon.NExT SCADA applications, as well as Connext™, an industrial protocol gateway.

For more information, visit:

PACSystems Innovations in Edge Technology
Industrial edge software and solutions help analyze and solve problems where they occur — at the machine edge. PACSystems Edge Solutions is the most advanced portfolio of edge computing and control systems and includes edge hardware and software that help significantly simplify problem-solving at the machine level and allow easy, cost-effective analytics and communication at the edge. PACSystems Edge Solutions includes the true edge controllers, edge computing devices and compact controllers and leverage Movicon.NExT, WebHMI, Connext OPC UA server and the PACEdge platforms in optimized software packages to provide powerful and flexible connectivity and visualization and a cloud-enabled toolset. PACSystems makes the move to the edge easy.

For more information, visit:

PACSystems RSTi-EP CPE200 Controller
The PACSystems RSTi-EP CPE200 compact controller family delivers large programmable logic controller (PLC) capability in a compact, rugged design that allows quick and easy IIoT implementation without sacrificing performance. It provides security-by-design, open programming and open communications built in, significantly reducing cost and complexity. A range of advanced features come standard, such as OPC UA communication over high-speed 1-Gb Ethernet and C programming capabilities, plus the advantages of Emerson support. In addition, it includes analytics, is IIoT-ready and features future-proofing packaging and process systems for new technologies or existing equipment.

For more information, visit:

AVENTICS Series SPRA Electric Rod-Style Linear Actuator
The AVENTICS Series SPRA electric rod-style linear actuator is an efficient, high-performance actuator that offers improved load capacity, accuracy and reliability. In addition to outstanding precision and repeatability, the Series SPRA is also extremely versatile and flexible, with a choice of three different screw technologies that allow implementation in a wide variety of (demanding) applications. Compliance with the ISO-15552 standard, easy-to-use online sizing and selection tools and a wide range of mounting accessories ensure simple selection of the appropriate linear motion solution for the application.

For more information, visit:

AVENTICS AV Valve Systems
AVENTICS Advanced Valve Systems form a reliable basis for both compact handling systems and complex automation solutions. Especially in the area of machine safety, the AV family offers intelligent solutions that significantly reduce effort when creating a safe design. The valves of the AV family — AV03 and AV05 — have set standards with their diagonal spool in both sizes. They are characterized by an excellent volume flow ratio and a record-breaking energy balance. With the serial Advanced Electronic System (AES) interface, the AV valve system communicates effortlessly with modern controllers via all common fieldbus systems. The modular electronics form the basis for high networking, flawless data transmission and integration into Internet-of-Things concepts.

For more information, visit:

Edge Devices and Software
Emerson edge devices combine the best deterministic controllers on the market with secure, nondeterministic controllers for analytics and machine learning algorithms to proactively optimize business outcomes. These rugged devices are designed for remote industrial areas and equipped with our vendor-agnostic PACEdge software to safely run nondeterministic applications. This reduces latency and meets all application performance requirements.

For more information, visit:

AVENTICS G3 Electronic Fieldbus Platform
In today’s highly automated machines, the AVENTICS valve system of the Series G3 electronic fieldbus platform replaces conventional, hard-wired solutions. It integrates communication interfaces with pneumatic valve systems that have input/output (I/O) capabilities. This next-generation electronic platform provides easy access to connections. It is easy to assemble, install, commission and maintain. The functionality of the G3 enables programmable logic controllers to turn valves on and off more efficiently and transmit I/O data from sensors, indicator lights, relays, individual valves or other I/O devices on a channel basis over various industrial networks. The G3 has an easy-to-read graphic display, which can be used for configuration, commissioning and diagnostics. It offers application, performance and serviceability improvements for original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) and end users alike.

For more information, visit:

Cylinders and Actuators
Proven and industry-standard, AVENTICS pneumatic cylinders and actuators are fundamental components of today’s automated systems. No matter how compact or demanding the application, we have a solution that will exceed performance standards and fit into any available space.

For more information, visit:

Branson GSX-E1 Ultrasonic Welder

The Branson GSX-E1 ultrasonic welder, and the advanced automation systems it enables, helps manufacturers improve efficiency and reach sustainability goals. Controls automatically monitor critical weld parameters in real time, delivering actionable performance and diagnostic data to help determine OEE (overall equipment effectiveness), enable traceability and optimize maintenance. The welder’s market-leading encryption technology ensures data integrity and security. Compared to joining techniques like heat sealing, adhesives or mechanical fasteners, ultrasonic welders like the Branson GSX-E1 use less electricity, require no consumable materials and yield less waste, cutting assembly-line carbon footprints.

Formore information, visit:

Wireless Automation Solutions
Optimize every stage of the manufacturing process with real-time control, monitoring and data analysis provided by next-generation wireless automation solutions from Emerson and CoreTigo. These wireless automation solutions connect devices and unlock trapped data. The combination of expertise from Emerson and industrial wireless technology from CoreTigo results in a fully connected ecosystem that can reduce inefficiencies and help customers get to market faster. Wireless automation systems feature IO-Link Wireless, a deterministic, highly reliable and scalable universal wireless communication protocol with low latency (5 milliseconds) and low synchronization rates (tens of microseconds).

For more information, visit:

Emerson Automation Solutions | AVENTICS GmbH | Ulmer Straße 4 | 30880 Laatzen | Germany
Ayhan Ronai
Phone : T +49 511 2136 ext 862

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