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Announcing an Exclusive Interview with Respiratory Expert Yuben Moodley

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Respiratory physician and Associate Professor of Respiratory Medicine, Dr. Yuben Moodley, participates in a recently published Senior Level interview and shares insight into his career and personal achievements. 

Yuben Moodley took part in a recently published Senior Level interview, which explores his profession and personal life. The respiratory physician at Fiona Stanley Hospital in Perth, Western Australia, and Associate Professor of Respiratory Medicine at the University of Western Australia, answered questions regarding his career, favorite mistakes, and even worst recommendations heard in his profession. 

As a respiratory physician, Dr. Moodley performs in- and outpatient respiratory care, runs a basic research laboratory, and teaches and mentors medical students. Moodley teaches both undergraduate and postgraduate science students as an Associate Professor of Respiratory Medicine at the University of Western Australia. During his spare time, Moodley furthers his career focus as a member of the Center for Research Excellence for Lung Fibrosis and Deputy Director of the Institute of Respiratory Health. Also, Moodley enjoys his time being Senior Editor of the journal titled Respirology

When asked to recall his favorite mistake that, in retrospect, led to a great lesson and progress during his career, Moodley replied, “I chose the wrong mentor previously which allowed me to identify characteristics that I did not admire and develop attitudes and behaviors that allowed me to grow as a person.”

Moodley also commented on bad recommendations he has heard in his area of specialization. He said the phrase, “Follow the guidelines..,” is not always good advice he once received. Instead, Moodley stated that students should never take anything at face value, always question the data and the evidence, and come to your own conclusions.  

Dr. Moodley also mentioned one of his most insightful lessons learned during his time as a respiratory physician was to make sure whatever career path one chooses, to be passionate about it. Moodley says that having a passion for one’s career choice will give anyone resilience during difficult times and provide enthusiasm and energy for work that needs to be completed.  

Looking ten years from now, Moodley predicts that healthcare will be more personalized, and big data will change any scientific endeavor. Moodley believes that a set of tests looking at genetics and proteins will refine a patient’s diagnosis and provide the answer to the best treatment based on the patient’s cellular and molecular characteristics. Such a targeted approach will improve outcomes and decrease side-effects as well as the costs of patient care. 

Dr. Moodley and his team are currently striving towards establishing this exact personal care model by seeking out biomarkers in lung fibrosis to guide treatment. This individual care model has the potential for global funding and scientific interaction. 

About Yuben Moodley

Yuben Moodley is a devoted physician, researcher, and Associate Professor of Respiratory Medicine. His research focuses on investigating mechanisms and finding novel cellular therapies for Idiopathic Pulmonary Fibrosis and Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease. He serves on the National Health and Medical Research Council panel, where he got funding for his research.

Contact Information:

Yuben Moodley 


Institute of Respiratory Health

Perth, Western Australia


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